Chemical Powder

SBM Enterprise is the best and trustworthy organisation that manufactures, supply and export good quality and optimum grade chemical powder. We provide our clients and customers with best always which is why this powder proceeds with the help of advanced and modern technology and production methods. We use the best quality chemicals for the production so that the result is the same as the specification and need of the client. We have expert team members under whose guidance the production process takes place. They have better skills and carry out the whole process under suitable conditions. With their help, we have now become the best chemical powder supplier Odisha. The chemical powders that are offered by us are used in serval factories and industries for different purposes. In addition to all these were use different packaging methods so that the products are safe and sound.
Our products are non-toxic, have a longer shelf life, biodegradable and also safe to use. We provide products that are economical and affordable at the same time. Our products, services, skilled labour and better working has made us the best chemical powder supplier Odisha. Therefore with blind fate, people have chosen us in past and still choosing today.

Alum Lumps

Have the heels of your feet have started getting dry and have cracked with the advent of the winter season? Well, do not be afraid because you can solve this problem now with quite an ease. Heat up some alum lumps until it is liquid and generates foams. Once it is done let it cool down and then make it a fine powder of it. Grind it well and get a fine consistency. After it is done mix it well with some coconut oil and then rub it gently on your heels. If you do this regularly, you will get relief and your skin will become baby soft and smooth.
Next time when you shave your legs, rub some lumps of Alum over the recently shaved area. It will stop the bleeding in case if you have any cuts or nicks. This will prevent you from having any kind of infection as it has germicidal property. For centuries, alum bars are used by the Barbers as an aftershave. Get it from SBM Enterprise as we are the best Alum lumps supplier. Our products are of top-class and services are extraordinary. Our team members are always there to help you with your needs.


Right from the prehistoric times, the sandstones are used in housewares and domestic constructions. In ancient times sandstone was a popular material for building. It is easy to carve and relatively soft. All around the world, it is used to construct houses, temples and other such buildings. For artistic purposes like for making statues and ornamental fountains, it is widely used all over. Sandstones are quite easy to use and are resistant to weathering. Therefore is why it is widely used and common material for construction purposes. The sandstone suppliers like SBM Enterprise provide you with stones that have a hardness of individual grains, friability in structure and uniform grain size. They are excellent for sharpening of blades, production of the grindstone and much more.
The sandstones from SBM enterprise is versatile and can use used for construction several purposes. Being well-known sandstone suppliers Odisha we provide sandstones that are of good quality. You can also use our sandstone to purify the water and remove pollutants as it is naturally porous and serves as a natural filter. In the case of industrial sand, you can use it by breaking it in small particles. Thus, sandstone can be used for different purposes. Choose us and learn more about sandstone and all our products in detail.

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