All You Need To Know About Bentonite Powder

Posted by Admin on November, 23, 2020

Bentonite was initially used for clay. It was found in Montana’s upper cretaceous tuff near Fort Benton, back in 1890. The major constituent, which is the considering factor in the properties of the clay, is called the clay mineral montmorillonite. This derived its name from the Montmorillonite deposit, in the south of France.

How is Bentonite Generated?

The alteration of volcanic ash, comprising majorly of smectite minerals helps in the generation of Bentonite. It is through quarrying, that the Bentonite deposits are exploited. The bentonite that is extracted is majorly solid, despite the presence of 30% moisture content. The material is firstly crushed and, if need be, activated with soda ash.

As per the final application, Bentonite is either milled or sieved. For exclusive applications, Bentonite goes through a purification process by eliminating the gangue minerals. They can also be treated with acids for the production of acid-activated Bentonite. They are also treated with organics for the production of organoclays.


Bentonite powder is used as a material for bonding, during the process of molding sand and for the production of non-ferrous, steel, and iron. The exclusive properties of Bentonite are great flowability, thermal stability, and compatibility for producing high-quality castings.

Cat Litter

Bentonite is vastly used for cat litter, owing to its benefits of absorbing refuse through the formation of clumps, leaving the leftover product untouched for future use.


Bentonite works as a binding agent while producing iron ore pellets. It is through this process, that the conversion of iron ore fines into spherical pellets happen. It also works perfectly as feed materials in the blast furnaces for the production of pig iron, or also in the reduction of iron production.

Environmental Markets

The absorption properties of Bentonite are quite effective for the purification of wastewater. The standard environmental directives suggest low permeability soils, which should obtain Bentonite naturally, as a material for sealing in the landfill rehabilitation construction to make sure the safeguarding of groundwater from the pollutants. The Bentonite serves up as the protective shield for geosynthetic clay liners.


Another use of Bentonite is as a constituent of mud for water well and oil well drilling. Its functions are primarily to get the borehole wells sealed, to eliminate the drill cuttings, and to have the cutting head lubricated,


Bentonite is largely used as the feed supplement for animals, as a pelletizing aid in the animal feed pellets production, and as a flowability aid for unconsolidated feed properties like soy meal. It also acts as an ion exchange for enhancement and soil conditioning. Bentonite can also be used as a porous ceramic carrier for multiple herbicides and pesticides if they are treated thermally.


Bentonite is vastly used as a filler in the pharmaceutical industry, and because of its absorption properties, it enables the formation of paste. Such applications comprise industrial protective creams, anti-irritants for skin conditions, wet compresses, etc.

These are some of the most-renowned and counted benefits of Bentonite powder. Make sure you contact authorized and a licensed Bentonite powder supplier in India to buy the same in bulk quantity or if you are dealing with the same in your business, to avoid loss of image and to gather reputation for selling high-quality Bentonite powder.

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