Different Chemical Powders And It’s Uses

Posted by Admin on August, 20, 2020

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Here are some of the most commonly used chemical powder-

Calcite Powder-
The limestone rock is primarily composed of calcite. It is a sedimentary rock that forms from the chemical precipitation of the calcium carbonate and the transformation of coral, shell, algal debris and faecal into calcite during the diagenesis.

Various Uses Of Calcite Powder-
• Calcite powder is white hence it is often used for whitening as a white pigment. Calcite powder is used for making paints. It is one of the major ingredients for whitewashing.
• The pulverised calcite powder is often consumed as a form of dietary supplements for animals. Cattle that produce milk and chickens who lay eggs need to eat a calcium-rich diet. So they are given small portions of calcium carbonate along with their regular foods for enhancing the intake of calcium.

Dolomite Powder-
The dolomite powder is extremely rich in calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. It is a pretty popularly used chemical powder.
This dolomite chemical powder exporters Odisha also has a small portion of phosphorous, chlorine, and potassium in them.
Uses Of Dolomite Powder-
• Dolomite powder is often used as a strong source of magnesium and calcium for animals.
• Dolomite powder is used for making chewable wafers and tablets. It can be found in various dosages. It is used as dietary supplements.
• You can find good quality dolomite chemical powder exporters Odisha.

Lime Powder-
Lime powder comes out of limestone. It is used in the most number of products. The limestone is formed by the inorganic remains like skeletons, shells which stayed compressed for a long period. Calcium carbonate is the major ingredient of limestone.

Uses Of Lime Powder-
• The lime powder is used in almost all the construction materials. The lime powder is also used in asphalt filler and concrete.
• The lime powder is added into the water for removing all the pollutants and impurities. It has calcium carbonate, hence it is also used for neutralizing acidity in the industrial waste.
• Lime powder is also used for reducing the acidity of the soil for agriculture.
• The lime powder is used as a filler too for expensive paints. Lime powder is also used for paper whitening and acid neutralisation.

Bentonite Powder-
The bentonite chemical powder is a kind of clay which usually forms after the ageing of volcanic ash.
This chemical powder is used all around the world. The bentonite powder is in clay form which is applied for absorbing all negative toxins.
The bentonite chemical powder is used for improving skin texture, skin tone, skin detoxifier.

Uses Of Bentonite Powder-
• Bentonite chemical powder is clayey in texture. It is used for absorbing all the toxins out of your skin.
• People can even eat small portions of this chemical powder for detoxifying their body.
• Bentonite chemical powder is used in many skincare products like creams, lotions, and sunscreens.
• In Iran, the bentonite powder clay is also used for hair cleansing and softening.

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Powder-
The trichloroisocyanuric acid chemical powder is a common ingredient used for cleaning water and treating pollutants. It is also called TCCA.

Uses Of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Powder-

• This chemical powder is especially used as a water purifier. It is mainly used for treating water in swimming pools. Hells in cleaning industrial sewage and algae removal.
• Helps in the disinfection of public places, houses, etc. Helps in hygiene control of hospitals, livestock, fish tanks. And also helps in preserving fruits and vegetables for keeping them in good condition and disinfected.
These are the different types of chemical powder that are commonly used.
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